Small-scale Investment in Gjirokastra. Demonstration of RES / Energy Efficiency interventions at the “Fato Berberi” Cultural Center

Fato Berberi Cultural Center is an old building in a bad inner shape. Its shell has insufficient thermal insulation and makes the building have great heating needs.  As seen in figure 1 there are damages  on the walls because of the moisture.  In order to reduce heat losses and improve the shape of the building, external thermal insulation will be applied in the roof and the walls.

For a more complete solution, windows need to be changed also as they are old and low insulated. Following the application of insulation , double glazed windows and a high insulated door will be installed. A typical window of the building can be seen in figure 2.

As expected, the lights and the electrical system of the cultural center are old and not energy efficient at all. An easy and very efficient solution for energy saving is the installation of LED lighting system. In order to install any additional energy efficient system, the electrical system(wiring, main switches, fuses, plugs and smoke detectors) has to be also new so it can support it.

A solar thermal system will also be installed to replace the old electrical water heaters that are shown in figure 4. Solar collectors on the roof will heat water of a boiler inside the building.

The total cost of all energy saving interventions is 340.000 €.                                                     

In total, thermal insulation and  double-glazed windows will improve the energy performance of the building shell; therefore, it will result in the reduction of fuel consumption. Installation of LED lighting plus the installation of solar collectors for hot water will result in the reduction of electricity consumption for lighting and hot water production.