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Four important Partners from Greece and Albania participate to the GOAL nZEBs Project in order to strengthen the possibilities for the cross-border cooperation between Greece and Albania for the building infrastructure in the nZEBs sense and to enhance the potential for energy communities.

nZEBs Components

The GOAL nZEBs Act has utilized the analysis of data collected from public bodies in the cross-border area carried out through the Platform ("Analyzing").

Approaching the philosophy and requirements for almost zero energy buildings (nZEBs), in the context of European policies, summarizes the twelve (12) critical Components for nZEBs:
1. Structure, 2. EPC, 3. Meters, 4. Legislation, 5. Funding, 6. Innovation, 7. Information, 8. Investment, 9. Communities, 10. Collaborations, 11. Networks, 12. Research.

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Our Tools

How they can help you


Collection of data and information through an innovative dialogue platform.


Facilitates decision-making to support the implementation of investments in the direction of nZEBs and the establishment and effective operation of energy communities.


The Capitalization plan of the results of the GOAl nZEBs Project throughout the cross-border region of Greece-Albania is finalized, that will include the identification of shareholders and the determination of the actions that will enable the results to be exploited.


The design of energy upgrade projects of buildings is organized, based on the typologies of buildings in the Cross-border area of Greece - Albania.


Tools of the GOAL nZEBs Action are specialized in one of the project areas (Regional Unit of Arta) in which energy upgrading actions of its main types of buildings are examined and matured.

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